Whats to love about marriage?

Ok true its wonderful having a partner and being a partner, but beyond that the stereotypical role expectations are so unappealing. Yes,I am married but it feels like the moment you say I do you become someones mother instead of a partner. Blah, count me out of the group for marriage enthusiasts. Next time I may try polygamy lol

Ps I downloaded snapchat in my ipad. 😁



Another quick update

So.. a few things are new.

My son’s father is having a baby with his new wife, and did not choose to tell my son until he went for an access visitation and saw the new babies room. Needless to say my son was shocked, upset and rather heartbroken. He asked to come home in tears. I will hug him through the pain, fear and jealousy he may feel. Apparently she is due to have the baby in December or January – so at 43 years old he’s starting over with a new baby. Good luck is all I can say. lol

I quit my job! So hubby has been working, and I dont have to. What a joy to be a housewife again! We have been getting along just fine and the house is a happy one with mom home and dinner on the table for the family when dad arrives.

The cats are doing fine, we just took in two new kittens last month – a brother and sister – and they have adjusted well to our home. Everyone is happy.. especially my husband who begged me to have these two new babies. 🙂

I am officially a surrogate mother to two of my son’s friends who’s mothers are never home. They come by and eat dinner with us when they are hungry, and I’ve even bought them clothes because they had no winter wear. I dont mind though, it makes me happy because I know I am filling a need they had.

Oh.. out of my two nephews one  (who just got married) is pregnant and one (whom I dont speak with) just had a baby at the beginning of november. Time is fleeting, I remember when they were just babies themselves.

So the world lost David Cassidy yesterday. It made me sad because who didnt love Keith Partridge? (Yes, I was more a Shaun girl, but still.. he was a dreamboat) Go peacefully into your next adventure David, millions of girls are mourning your loss and wishing you love and light right now. VARIOUS

And last but certainly not least, the world lost an amazing talent 20 years ago today. There will never be another Michael Hutchence. He was the epitome of natural talent and I join the world today in remembering the loss of this beautiful soul. Screenshot_7

oh, I almost forgot. I had nightmares of the greek again last night. I wish I could forget him and his betrayal entirely.  And on the health front, I am not taking my stomach pills anymore! I discovered apple cider vinegar and wow it’s cured just about anything that was wrong with me! I can not believe homeopathic cures like that really work – even where prescription medicines were failing. #blessed




A quick update

So, hubby is back and working. This is great because I don’t have to work, I get to stay home.. and besides, I have had to deal with an ongoing depression since my Grandma passed away last February. I miss her and my Grandpa so much. I’ve felt a huge feeling of loss since she left.. my son is 17 and my daughter is 19 now, and I miss them being little. I feel that loss also. Its been hard.

My birthday’s coming up and I’ll be turning 48 years old. Hmm.. whats good about that? lol not much. If Im not careful I will pee when I sneeze and I have to take pills twice everyday for a stomach issue I’ve developed. Hooray. Oh well, at least I still look good. *shrug*

I’m still waiting for my Grandparents estate to be settled. I haven’t heard from my uncle (the executor) since just after Grandma died.. that’s 6 months now. However, I have read that it takes a year after someone dies to settle the estate, this year is actually called “the executors year”. Before I looked into it I was worried he could just spend the money himself, but after looking up the laws I found out he cant touch the money legally until every beneficiary has signed an agreement saying its okay. So.. Im just waiting patiently.

In the mean time I am just looking for houses to buy once everything is settled. I cant wait to move and not have to work in nursing anymore. Im burnt out.

My daughter is going on a trip by herself in two days, I am very stressed out about it and worried for her safety. She’s going by bus and I dont feel its safe, plus she will be staying in another province for a week and a half.. alone.. she’s only 19 years old.. of course her ex boyfriend lives in that town but he’s as reliable as a broken car and she’s so naive. *sigh* I just cant wait till she comes back safely.

Anyway.. how about that Jensen Ackles?? God bless his cotton socks he’s actually probably the most perfect specimen I’ve ever laid eyes on.. and I’ve laid eyes on quite a few. lol. cheers!

I’ll just leave this right here…. ahem.


After a year of hard work while hubby was away, its sure nice to be able to exhale.

I have not even had to work because he is working now – so I have been able to rest and recuperate… even to grieve the loss of my Grandma. I did not realize how much I needed this until I had it.

I went to the thyroid specialist and my thyroid is 3 cms swollen on each side, if it reaches 5cms I have to have them surgically removed. In fact, the specialist asked me if I wanted to have the surgery now but I told him not until absolutely necessary… so I am to check in with him in 6 months to see. He put me on two pills daily for them, blah. I also have to have blood work to check my hormone levels and make sure everything is okay despite this problem. So we will see.

Hubby is outside replacing the shocks on my car, life is good. 🙂

He’s back

So, my husband arrived on time and we picked him up at the airport.

Things have been great since he got back, he’s been fixing things around the house.. helping me and now he’s working. We still have lots to do now that he’s a Canadian citizen. Time to get him onto my bank account, set up health care and get all his Canadian identifications. He has been very happy to be back also. So things are looking up around here.  I am still looking for houses to buy once my inheritance comes in.

We want a house on some acreage, out in the country. Something we can enjoy nature with and our animals can have lots of room to do the same.

Two days ago while my husband was at work, I went to the pool and worked out. It was fun. I think I’m going to do that more often. I’m in okay shape now but I’d like to be in better shape again. My health is alright, although I have to go back to the thyroid specialist for a “follow up” appointment in June. I am hoping he does not tell me I need surgery.  I’ve been thinking about a Zumba class.. they look fun. 🙂

I sure miss Grandma though. I miss having her to talk to, even if it was just a telephone call.

Hubby and I have been having sooooo much sex, its insane. Its nice to finally not feel like a single married woman anymore.