So much has happened since I last had the enthusiasm to write an entry.

On the topic of Michalis Thomadakis (the greek ex), well..  One day I was on facebook and got a “people you may know” notification for a “Mcali Thomas”. I looked at the page and was certain it was him, it was for a podcast he is now hosting called “unfinished business” wherein he plays a song playlist and people listen to it. Psht. That should suit his HUGE ego well.  I was irritated to see he was still using the name MY children gave him when we were planning our life together.  My children were very young when he and I began talking in 2004, and they could not pronounce his Greek name, so they said “McAli” instead of “Me-ha-lis” or “Me-ha-lee”. It was considered very cute by us, and it was a special thing to me.

michalisAt one point I had a network 54 forum and Michalis wanted to log on to comment to me on the chats, so he made a name “mcali”. It was like a little hug to the children. Then I noticed that he made his own forum for Bruce springsteen fans on network 54 and it was automatically under the mcali user name. I didn’t think much more of it, because he stopped using that forum and began another using the yahoo email of Bruce_files_3.

I thought he stopped using that nickname my children gave him. It would only make sense as I got married to someone else almost 4 years ago and he and I were basically through. We had planned even until then for him to come to Canada and live with us, but the day he went to quit his job at the bottled water factory in Chania, Crete – he chickened out and did not quit his job but opted to continue working “while he finished things up in Greece and came to Canada the right way this time”. He had come here before in 2005 after we were talking for a year, and been here for 3 months. He went back to Greece because he was on a visitor visa and his time was up. He was going to rush back to me in 2006 but I was frightened by a friend that had read Michalis’ livejournal blog ( and assured me that his behaviour was not normal. I got scared and told him to turn back when he was at the airport…and he did.

We talked on and off for years up until he was to return the last time and left me hanging. At one point he stopped talking to me for a month and then messaged me saying he thought *I* didn’t want to talk to *him* and that was his excuse. In the mean time I had began to play second life and met my soon-to-be-husband online. My husband and I talked on a friendly basis until Michalis and I fizzled out. It was  a year before he came to Canada from Germany and we visited for a month, then he came back and we got married.

When Michalis heard I got married he was angry and ordered he be thrown out immediately. I said no, I couldn’t. I was angry that Michalis did not come here as he promised me he would. I was angry he let us all down and just left me in the cold without a reason why, after he had told everyone including his own mother and brother he was coming to Canada to get married to me! (They had even joked if they could come with).

A year into my marriage I was still talking to Michalis, he would try to talk sexually with me but I did not respond. Then he asked for a picture of me and stopped responding to me for 3 weeks. When I asked him if the photo was that bad he informed me it was not that but the fact that he had gone away “to try to start something new for himself and possible *her* too”. I had no idea who *she* was, and I was angry because he had been talking sexually to me all along without telling me he was talking to another woman.

It turns out this woman’s name is Rachel K Thomas from Derby, UK. Apparently she’s defaulted on her student loan repayment and moved to Greece to live with him while he supports her. I told him to fuck off and stop talking to me, and that he is dead to me. He told me he could not understand why I would react this way. I told him to go back to being dead and we didn’t talk for 6 months. I finally messaged him asking “did you marry her yet”. He responded with “I shouldn’t say too much now but to say she is still in training, I hope you’re being good”. I was again angry by his response. I told him to go to hell and that I hope they both die. He told me “again you are out of line, typical” and that was the end of our conversations for another 6 months or was it a year?

That was until I saw the “people you may know” thing with him using my children’s nickname for him on facebook. I couldn’t help myself but to message him to say that I found it horrible that he is using the nickname my children gave for him while he is having new life adventures with his new girlfriend Rachel, and that I thought that was very disrespectful to what he had once met to my two little toddlers who had loved him.

His response was to block me and not say anything, nor change his name. Now he has found this post and written a ‘revenge blog’ posting my personal information and threatening me because he wants this blog removed. He calls me names such as psychotic. Its a good thing I don’t explain why his sexual deviance makes HIM the psycho. My blog was not put here to insult him, unlike his blog. This was put here for me to release my feelings about him in (what was) an anonymous blog. To vent.

I should have known he was despicable. They say that a Greek that steals from you is the lowest class of Greek there is. When he visited me in Canada and left to go back to Greece, he stole my webcam, all the CD’s he had given me as a gift, a valuable coin my Grandfather (who has now died) had given me, my amber ‘worry beads” he had given me and various other items on his way out the door. I was horrified, and that was part of the reason I didn’t let him back also.. and part of the reason I was afraid.

Well, I have nothing more to write at the moment.. I feel drained by this post already. I will write more later.



One thought on “FML and FYLT.

  1. Also: don’t threaten me you little pig, if you do one thing to me (besides blog your feelings, which is NORMAL) I will call the authorities and have you charged.


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