Wedding anniversary

Yesterday was our 3 year wedding anniversary.


Of course hubby is in Germany at the moment, but hopefully he will be allowed to return in two weeks.. we are waiting for the answer to our application any day now.

Since I last blogged our relationship has been through some ups and downs, but at the end of the day I have realized that I really do love my husband.. and that despite the bickering we do, he really is my partner in every sense of the word.

I cant say that I like a lot of his old fashioned preconceptions, but hey.. nobody is perfect, right?

I am not an easy girl to get along with, this I know. I challenge my lovers without even realizing, and if my feelings are hurt then my instant reaction is to hurt their feelings back. Not a good quality but I don’t claim to be perfect either. My husband knows how to calm me when I am upset and how to deal with me when I am difficult.

Something a lesser man could not manage.

Either way I miss him. The children miss him. He misses us. It just feels wrong for us to be apart. I once asked my Grandpa how I would know the person I should marry when I met him, and he said “you’ll know because your life will be better with him, than without him.” I miss my Grandpa, he was right about so many things. 🙂

On another note, it is 25c here tonight. So warm I have the air conditioning on even now, at almost midnight. 34

So yes.. its another beautiful summer evening here. 🙂

I cant wait until camping season arrives! May long weekend is traditionally when everyone sets out, not long now! x



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