My 16 year old cat, Spooky, isn’t doing very well at all.


Today he has started not being able to walk more than a few steps. His back legs aren’t working. I think he had a stroke after being sick the other day. I was with him and he started to sway back and forth and almost fell over till I caught him.

Right now I am just keeping him comfortable, and carrying him when I need to. He walks a few steps and then one of his back legs gives out and he starts to go sideways.. then sits down. As a nurse I don’t want to put him down. He does not seem to be suffering and I want him to die at home.. when his time comes.

A lot of my friends are telling me to put him to sleep but would you do that to your loved one? I wouldn’t… so unless he is suffering or in discomfort, I will just try to allow him to transition at home with lots of love around him.

Who knows, if it’s a stroke he may bounce back in a few weeks.

I guess time will tell.



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