Enjoying autumn

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. I have been so busy trying to enjoy life. Autumn is my favorite time of year. ❤

The update with Spooky (my kitty) is that he’s doing better now. He is even jumping down from the sofa and back up again. I have been giving him lots of TLC since my last post. At first I was picking him up to carry him anywhere he needed to go; to the bathroom, to drink, to eat, to lay down. I had to actually wash his feces off in those first few days as he could not stand to go to the washroom, he sat down. No fun for anyone but the good news is that now he’s doing better. He walks with stiff back legs, but he still walks pretty good these days. He is not falling to the left. (I am convinced he had a stroke ) He gets wet food once a day because I noticed that his hind feet were swollen and am concerned for his kidneys because of it. I do notice he is drinking a lot of water.. which is another kidney indicator.  I have also been taking him outside when it’s sunny so he can walk around the yard for ten minutes or so, which he really enjoys. He even tries to stretch his hind legs when he’s out there, watching birds and eating the catnip I planted two years ago. He can actually step into the cat box with his back legs now.. and every day I give him a dish of coconut oil, which he really seems to enjoy and we are working on getting some matted hair off of him, when he’s not too angry about it. Right now he sits on the recliner cleaning his face with his paw. He looks happy enough. 🙂

On the topic of cat care, I do have to say one thing.. fucking ear mites. They are the bane of my existence. I have tried everything.. sirolan (sp?) doesn’t seem to work, the ear cleaning fluid is a joke.. and I wish I could find a homeopathic or home remedy for these little buggers. My one kitty has a swollen ear now from shaking his head. It looks like a case of cauliflower ear. Ughhhhhhhhh. I am still trying the sirolan but for fuck sakes, how come nobody has a better way to cope with this?? Its impossible in a multi cat household.

Other than that I bought a new dining set yesterday which I really like and the scenery here is beautiful. Here’s a pic:

okanagan autumn.jpg

fall colors everywhere. ❤

I have been feeling sooo much better since my colonoscopy. They found four polyps (which turn into cancer) in my transverse colon.. so I feel much better having those removed. Plus my thyroid issues are calming down and I feel more energized. I am trying to eat healthier.. eating a protein drink in the morning instead of skipping meals. I have also added Quinoa to my diet and am eating as much organics as possible as well as taking vitamin D and avoiding processed foods. I think the protein drink is helping quite a bit as I rarely eat meat and only drink almond/soy/rice milk.. I was probably lacking because of it.

The other thing I have been doing is my sister gave me a herb vape and I have been taking a vape hit once before bed on the nights I feel like I wont be able to sleep. I have such restful sleeps and wake up feeling so much better in the morning.

Anyway time to go chat with hubby for a bit then head to bed. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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