Winter. bleah.

So the snow can fuck off at any time.

-15c everyday is not my idea of a lovely climate. I grew up on the coast near the ocean where it’s always temperate. I miss that. However my dreams of moving to PEI are still hanging in there..  can you blame me though? You can get a house there for 20 thousand dollars lol.

All my Christmas shopping is done, yay!  (right down to buying 7 stockings for my cats lol) My dilemma this year is that since my 18 year old is going to her boyfriends families house.. and my son is going to his fathers.. and my husband is in Germany.. I don’t want to cook. I welcome the chance to get a break from the holiday mania. The problem is that my 95 year old Grandma wants to come over. This year she’s going to just have to figure something else out, I have had her over every year since she moved into care.. which means packing her wheelchair up and down stairs, taking to her the toilet every half hour, pulling her pants down and wiping her bum for her when she’s done. It sounds selfish but I don’t want to do it this year. My uncle loves to remind everyone that he is her SON and I am “only the granddaughter”.. well buddy.. drive the 3 hours and have Christmas with your mom at her retirement home, or bring her down there with you. It shouldn’t always be up to me. I’m “just the granddaughter”.

On the bright side my hubby is back in march. It will be so nice to have him by me again…and.. to have sex! Omg it’s been almost a year with no sex and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was looking very forward to getting laid. 😀  I know we’ll fight, because he tries to be bossy with me.. and after the Greek fiasco the submissive side of me is never coming out again. All these idiots reading 50 shades of grey.. (or is it gray?) and daydreaming about a Dom don’t realize how much it hurts when they betray you. My “Dom” ended up calling me names and being super rude to me.. yet for 10 years he claimed to love me and called me his good girl. That shit stings when you’ve held nothing back from someone, and let them deeply and honestly into your mind. So yeah.. Never. Ever. Again.  I want a vanilla marriage, or I want to be the Domme. Nothing else. A lot of men think being Dom is being bossy.. that’s not it at all. There’s a fine art to the mental control that comes with being a Dom.. and I’m never allowing someone “in” again.

The wind is howling outside.. shaking the house.

Maybe I’ll wake up and be in Oz! 🙂 lol that would be fun. Okay, goodnight.


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