My kitty is dying.

He’s only 2 years old.

19 days ago, on Dec 23rd, I brought home a poinsettia plant for Christmas. I knew they were mildly toxic for cats, but not fatal. I have had them in the house at Christmas before and nothing has ever happened. I thought “what could happen? maybe the cats take a bite and get an upset tummy and wont do it again..” I was wrong.

What happened was my beautiful 2 year old cat Mozart ate some of the plant, got sick and stopped eating entirely. I have a multi-cat household so I didn’t notice until 3 days later, and by then the vets office was closed for Christmas holidays. I tried everything to tide him over until he could be seen at the vet.. babyfood, kitten milk, syringes, wet food, treats, chicken, ham.. but he wouldn’t take anything. It was day 5 when the vet finally was opened and I could get him in.

His kidneys were already failing. His creatinine levels were at 1200, when a normal cat’s levels should be no higher than 200. The vet asked if I wanted to put him down, and I said no.. please give him his best chance at survival. So he stayed over night at the vets on IV fluids, GI meds and antibiotics as well as phosphorous binders. The next day (at the end of the day) we brought him home with all those meds to give him, plus subcutaneous liquid IV which I had to inject into the back of his neck via IV bag drip and needle each day.

For the first day he ate well, and declined from there.

Now it is 19 days later from the start of his illness and he is clearly dying.

He sits in my bathtub at his water bowl and wont move. He has not wanted to leave this area for over 38 hours. I am sure he is blind, as he meows when he is thirsty and I go stick my finger in the water and wiggle it so he can see where it is and drink a little. He is hardly drinking now, however. He is eating nothing for two days now.

I had thought that it would be most kind to let him die at home surrounded by his family and loved ones, in an environment that he is familiar with and wont scare him.. but now I am feeling sorry for him, sitting in a cold bathtub and he wont let me cuddle him.

I called the vet today to ask about the procedure for putting him to sleep. I had been holding onto blind hope that he would get better if I gave him the best care I could, but he isn’t. I am still not sure what I will do.. but my baby has fought a great battle and I need to consider what it is that’s best for him.

Apparently some cats go into seizures for up to a half hour before death from acute kidney failure.. I hope and pray to God that my kitty doesn’t suffer that way. I have been crying for days….


Please don’t ever bring Poinsettias into your home if you have cats..


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