RIP Grandma

Grandma passed away peacefully in her sleep at 8am this morning. She had been on pain meds so she was very comfortable. Her son was on his way up to visit her when he got the news, so he is with her corpse now, waiting for the funeral home to pick her up. I am not going to see her in death. I choose to remember her in life. She had a good life, almost making it to her 94th birthday and she went as she always wanted to go “in her sleep” like her father.  She would tell me often “I hope I just go to sleep and don’t wake up”.

At 6am she was saying “I want to see Andy” (her husband of 64 years), then she settled back down and went to sleep. She got her wish.  She’s with grandpa now. They both passed away in February, 7 years apart.

I will love & miss you both forever, you & my children were my world.  Until we meet again, and you come back for me.


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