Goodbye Spooky


My sweet little man, my friend and confidant for 17 years passed away the day before yesterday.
When I woke up he was laying in the bathroom casually looking around. It was not unusual because he was getting his wet food each morning, but he had been refusing food for two days so I was puzzled. He didnt want anything to eat but seemed to enjoy the cool floor.
Within two hours he had layed his head down and wanted me with him, meowing if I tried to leave.. so I didnt. I realized at this point he was going to die.
Since he seemed comfortable i decided to let him die at home. He looked as though he would just pass in his sleep.
Once he became uncomfortable on the floor I got a hospital pad and layed him on it, on the bed in the spare room.
He was comfortable and purring despite lacking energy to move for his last 9 hours of life.
His last five minutes were not so nice, sadly. He threw up 3 times (i had fresh towels in arms reach) and began meowing louder and louder until it was like a cat fight sound, then came the seizures.. my poor boy arched his back and neck violently 3 times and then started staggered breathing.. kind of how a person crying hard breathes.. then those breathes got slower. Then they stopped.
He died with me kissing the top of his head and telling him i love him.
It was such a sad day.

If you are undecided about letting you cat pass away at home (for what its worth) my advice would be not to.

My Spooky was 17 years old and he still had to go through pain in his last 5 minutes of life. I am comforted to know he was purring right up until he started to throw up… and I am glad I did not leave his side all day, he deserved that loyalty and love.

I will miss that kitty. We had a lifetime together.

My son and I buried him in the garden beside Mozi yesterday, on what would have been my Grandmas 94th birthday 😦

RIP Spooky, Mommy loves you so much. Thank you for your love and loyalty.
So much loss lately, I need my man beside me to make it all okay again. 😦


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