It lingers, unfortunately.


She’s broken because she believed, he’s ok because he lied.

Last night, yet again, I had a dream about my greek ex.

Even though I’m happy my husband is coming back, these stupid and unhappy dreams resurface. Its not like they are romantic dreams or anything happy at this point either, just stupid dreams about other things wherein he pops up and is a negative addition to another dream.

As you can see, I have made the posts about him password protected. I did not do this because I am afraid of him, or out of respect for him, but because I feel pity on him. Obviously he was not man enough to simply ask me to remove the posts privately, he maliciously created a whole blog for the sole purpose of slandering my name… and out of spite I kept the posts public to begin with. Now I am past the anger and simply don’t care. So I decided to make the posts private. Its funny how this “big man” went through all the trouble of creating a blog just to try to get under my skin. I used to think he was so much more of a higher being than to stoop so low.

I wish you all could have felt the respect and trust I had for him at one point. I truly would have given my life for him if he asked for it. To me he was above all other men, I guess that’s what a Dom should be.. I don’t know. Imagine the feeling though, of having someone you held in such high regard betray your trust and call you names, then ask yourself who that reflects worse on: them or you. I would say him because everyone knows, a real Dom never loses control.

I do check to see if his blog is still there though, just to see how long he will remain so childish. Seeing him fall so far from grace is pitiful.  Oh well. All I can say is I feel sorry for any girl who trusts him implicitly. Anyway enough of that.

I chalk these “bad dreams” up to stress.

Its not like the greek was the only bad element in last nights dream, there was also stressful scenario’s about my daughter and thinking I had to move homes.

Obviously a product of my worried mind.

Hubby is to return in a mere few days, and I am absolutely worried about his trip across the border. There has been a delay in his permanent residence papers and now he must travel without them (because the photographer in Germany fucked up the passport photos). This means he will likely be hassled at his point of entry, and again at first landing in Canada.

Thank God I have hired a certified immigration consultant. She has been well worth the 3 thousand dollars, she has been a real help.  I would highly recommend anyone who is immigrating to retain such an individual. I can’t imagine doing all this without her professional help.

I guess I should have known there would be snags just before the finish line.

My son and I are going to take a day trip into the forest today, for a picnic.. just to try to calm and re-center ourselves during all this chaos.


Its the perfect day for it, not too hot and not too cold.

Anyway, until later. x


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