That tv show “love”


I’ve been watching this tv show called “love” on Netflix, and I’m baffled. Is the lead female character really the type of person young people find endearing these days?

She’s a classic self entitled, controlling narcissist… and she’s fucking gross. She looks like she stinks or is some kind of junkie hobo and her character is so promiscuous that in reality she’d have some kind of STD’s.

I find those types of “all about me” people loathsome. I am just baffled that people get warm fuzzies from this show.  In every episode I’ve seen this woman just winds people up, then watches them spin.. the whole show is how this woman manipulates every situation and bosses every one around. How is that appealing? I think she’s horrible and her character needs a psychiatrist.

I seriously don’t get it.


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