Another quick update

So.. a few things are new.

My son’s father is having a baby with his new wife, and did not choose to tell my son until he went for an access visitation and saw the new babies room. Needless to say my son was shocked, upset and rather heartbroken. He asked to come home in tears. I will hug him through the pain, fear and jealousy he may feel. Apparently she is due to have the baby in December or January – so at 43 years old he’s starting over with a new baby. Good luck is all I can say. lol

I quit my job! So hubby has been working, and I dont have to. What a joy to be a housewife again! We have been getting along just fine and the house is a happy one with mom home and dinner on the table for the family when dad arrives.

The cats are doing fine, we just took in two new kittens last month – a brother and sister – and they have adjusted well to our home. Everyone is happy.. especially my husband who begged me to have these two new babies. 🙂

I am officially a surrogate mother to two of my son’s friends who’s mothers are never home. They come by and eat dinner with us when they are hungry, and I’ve even bought them clothes because they had no winter wear. I dont mind though, it makes me happy because I know I am filling a need they had.

Oh.. out of my two nephews one  (who just got married) is pregnant and one (whom I dont speak with) just had a baby at the beginning of november. Time is fleeting, I remember when they were just babies themselves.

So the world lost David Cassidy yesterday. It made me sad because who didnt love Keith Partridge? (Yes, I was more a Shaun girl, but still.. he was a dreamboat) Go peacefully into your next adventure David, millions of girls are mourning your loss and wishing you love and light right now. VARIOUS

And last but certainly not least, the world lost an amazing talent 20 years ago today. There will never be another Michael Hutchence. He was the epitome of natural talent and I join the world today in remembering the loss of this beautiful soul. Screenshot_7

oh, I almost forgot. I had nightmares of the greek again last night. I wish I could forget him and his betrayal entirely.  And on the health front, I am not taking my stomach pills anymore! I discovered apple cider vinegar and wow it’s cured just about anything that was wrong with me! I can not believe homeopathic cures like that really work – even where prescription medicines were failing. #blessed





A quick update

So, hubby is back and working. This is great because I don’t have to work, I get to stay home.. and besides, I have had to deal with an ongoing depression since my Grandma passed away last February. I miss her and my Grandpa so much. I’ve felt a huge feeling of loss since she left.. my son is 17 and my daughter is 19 now, and I miss them being little. I feel that loss also. Its been hard.

My birthday’s coming up and I’ll be turning 48 years old. Hmm.. whats good about that? lol not much. If Im not careful I will pee when I sneeze and I have to take pills twice everyday for a stomach issue I’ve developed. Hooray. Oh well, at least I still look good. *shrug*

I’m still waiting for my Grandparents estate to be settled. I haven’t heard from my uncle (the executor) since just after Grandma died.. that’s 6 months now. However, I have read that it takes a year after someone dies to settle the estate, this year is actually called “the executors year”. Before I looked into it I was worried he could just spend the money himself, but after looking up the laws I found out he cant touch the money legally until every beneficiary has signed an agreement saying its okay. So.. Im just waiting patiently.

In the mean time I am just looking for houses to buy once everything is settled. I cant wait to move and not have to work in nursing anymore. Im burnt out.

My daughter is going on a trip by herself in two days, I am very stressed out about it and worried for her safety. She’s going by bus and I dont feel its safe, plus she will be staying in another province for a week and a half.. alone.. she’s only 19 years old.. of course her ex boyfriend lives in that town but he’s as reliable as a broken car and she’s so naive. *sigh* I just cant wait till she comes back safely.

Anyway.. how about that Jensen Ackles?? God bless his cotton socks he’s actually probably the most perfect specimen I’ve ever laid eyes on.. and I’ve laid eyes on quite a few. lol. cheers!

I’ll just leave this right here…. ahem.


After a year of hard work while hubby was away, its sure nice to be able to exhale.

I have not even had to work because he is working now – so I have been able to rest and recuperate… even to grieve the loss of my Grandma. I did not realize how much I needed this until I had it.

I went to the thyroid specialist and my thyroid is 3 cms swollen on each side, if it reaches 5cms I have to have them surgically removed. In fact, the specialist asked me if I wanted to have the surgery now but I told him not until absolutely necessary… so I am to check in with him in 6 months to see. He put me on two pills daily for them, blah. I also have to have blood work to check my hormone levels and make sure everything is okay despite this problem. So we will see.

Hubby is outside replacing the shocks on my car, life is good. 🙂

Its 3am


Its 3am and I cant sleep.

I get insomnia when I’m stressed out, and tomorrow is a stressful day. I have a job interview at a place I’d really like to work at. Even worse, the higher up the corporate ladder you climb, the more stressful the interviews. This interview is a “panel interview”. So I’ll have to navigate questions from a panel of 3 executives.  Therefore I should be sleeping, I need to be alert.  Someone tell my brain that?

C’mon brain, give it a rest already.  ugh.

Low Carb, High Fat

I managed one day on this horrid diet and then I felt sooooo sick. I am not a big meat eater by any means. This “way of eating” did not work for me. I ate a package of bacon in one day and 4 eggs as well as a pork chop and oh my gosh I was so ill.

I would rather eat whole foods like fruit and veggies, than eat all this fatty sickening meat.

Never again. lol



The job is still “closed pending fill”. I have always wanted to work with the dead. I am sorry I did not pursue that mortician job when I was offered the training. Who knows.. they may still call. 🙂

Spooky (my oldest cat) is still hanging on. He still has a decent quality of life.. he walks around now and has more energy since I have been giving him specialty wet food once a day as well as giving all my cats a dish of organic coconut oil – which they love. He’s currently snoozing beside me. 🙂

Starting December 1st we have to wear masks at the hospital while on shift. ugh. Have you ever tried to talk for 12 hours with a mask rubbing your face? Its painful. Not to mention it scares the heck out of the patients who have altered cognition. Policies.. smh.

19 years ago today the world lost an icon. Michael Hutchence. Today I remember him, he is one of my all time favorite singers. An amazing talent with an amazing voice.


I am very sad to say that a few days ago I tried to find one of my besties from childhood on facebook. She was a real wild child and I was excited to see what she’d been up to since we knew each other (I was 15)… when I couldn’t find her on facebook I googled her name only to find her on the missing and murdered aboriginal women’s list for Alberta Canada. Turns out she never tamed her wild ways and ended up being drug addicted and prostituting herself to make ends meet. One of those johns likely murdered her as her body was found in a remote location near a grain silo in 2006. I was gutted to read about all that. Sure she was a “hot mess” but she was also a sweet girl with a great big heart, who had a kind soul. Of course when she drank though, she was feisty.. omg. I wanted to just vent that as it’s been weighing heavily on my mind lately. I am super upset that her murder has never been solved, the killer has never been brought to justice. She was so thrilling to be around, her life was always an adventure and our moments together were always exciting. I can still remember me trying to talk her out of selling her body, towards the end of our time hanging out together.. and her saying “Hey listen, you GIVE it away.. at least I get PAID!” and laughing. Oh Bonnie.. I wish you would have listened. I hope your killer is found and hurt for what he did to you. Whomever he was, I KNOW for certain you laid the boots to him.. and I know you got some good punches in. Rest easy my scrappy friend. Thanks for always telling me how beautiful I was, and thanks for letting your guard down with me during our friendship.. I know that took a lot of courage for you. I’m sending you a big hug to heaven. You were always the beautiful one.


The weather has turned cold now. I cant wait until my husband is back. It is only a few more months. All his immigration paperwork is finished and it has cost me almost 10 thousand dollars. Money doesn’t matter though, in the end. Having my husband does. Once I get my inheritance we plan on moving to P.E.I or Nova Scotia. Do you know you can get a house there on acreage for 20 thousand dollars? Super cheap! Why live the rat race here when we can live like kings there? Exactly. Plus it’s beautiful. Imagine ocean front property with whales and icebergs floating by.. and the sunsets. I am so excited for that dream.

My sister came to see me last weekend and we spread our mother’s ashes in the same place we spread our Grandfather’s. Mom would have loved that. My sister took it pretty hard, she felt like she was losing her all over again. I felt a sense of relief instead, knowing mom was finally free. She died in 2004 and we’ve taken turns with her urn ever since.. until I said enough was enough. So glad she was on board with that. I love my sister. Over the years she has become an exceptional woman. I’m proud of her. She recently married a wealthy Italian man (thought I was the one who was going to marry an Italian.. my first boyfriend was named Guido! lol) and is living a happy live in his mansion. Good for her.

Well, the sleeping pill is kicking in now, so.. goodnight and be well. ❤


Enjoying autumn

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. I have been so busy trying to enjoy life. Autumn is my favorite time of year. ❤

The update with Spooky (my kitty) is that he’s doing better now. He is even jumping down from the sofa and back up again. I have been giving him lots of TLC since my last post. At first I was picking him up to carry him anywhere he needed to go; to the bathroom, to drink, to eat, to lay down. I had to actually wash his feces off in those first few days as he could not stand to go to the washroom, he sat down. No fun for anyone but the good news is that now he’s doing better. He walks with stiff back legs, but he still walks pretty good these days. He is not falling to the left. (I am convinced he had a stroke ) He gets wet food once a day because I noticed that his hind feet were swollen and am concerned for his kidneys because of it. I do notice he is drinking a lot of water.. which is another kidney indicator.  I have also been taking him outside when it’s sunny so he can walk around the yard for ten minutes or so, which he really enjoys. He even tries to stretch his hind legs when he’s out there, watching birds and eating the catnip I planted two years ago. He can actually step into the cat box with his back legs now.. and every day I give him a dish of coconut oil, which he really seems to enjoy and we are working on getting some matted hair off of him, when he’s not too angry about it. Right now he sits on the recliner cleaning his face with his paw. He looks happy enough. 🙂

On the topic of cat care, I do have to say one thing.. fucking ear mites. They are the bane of my existence. I have tried everything.. sirolan (sp?) doesn’t seem to work, the ear cleaning fluid is a joke.. and I wish I could find a homeopathic or home remedy for these little buggers. My one kitty has a swollen ear now from shaking his head. It looks like a case of cauliflower ear. Ughhhhhhhhh. I am still trying the sirolan but for fuck sakes, how come nobody has a better way to cope with this?? Its impossible in a multi cat household.

Other than that I bought a new dining set yesterday which I really like and the scenery here is beautiful. Here’s a pic:

okanagan autumn.jpg

fall colors everywhere. ❤

I have been feeling sooo much better since my colonoscopy. They found four polyps (which turn into cancer) in my transverse colon.. so I feel much better having those removed. Plus my thyroid issues are calming down and I feel more energized. I am trying to eat healthier.. eating a protein drink in the morning instead of skipping meals. I have also added Quinoa to my diet and am eating as much organics as possible as well as taking vitamin D and avoiding processed foods. I think the protein drink is helping quite a bit as I rarely eat meat and only drink almond/soy/rice milk.. I was probably lacking because of it.

The other thing I have been doing is my sister gave me a herb vape and I have been taking a vape hit once before bed on the nights I feel like I wont be able to sleep. I have such restful sleeps and wake up feeling so much better in the morning.

Anyway time to go chat with hubby for a bit then head to bed. Thanks for reading. 🙂