img_1626Yesterday hubby and I went to finalize paperwork for his Canadian social insurance number and he also got his Canadian drivers license! Congratulations schatzie! We did what we planned to do, and you are now Canadian. ­čÖé




After a year of hard work while hubby was away, its sure nice to be able to exhale.

I have not even had to work because he is working now – so I have been able to rest and recuperate… even to grieve the loss of my Grandma. I did not realize how much I needed this until I had it.

I went to the thyroid┬áspecialist and┬ámy thyroid is 3 cms swollen on each side, if it reaches 5cms I have to have them surgically removed. In fact, the specialist asked me if I┬áwanted to have the┬ásurgery now but I told him not until absolutely necessary… so I am to check in with him in 6 months to see. He put me on two pills daily for them, blah. I also have to have blood work to check my hormone levels and make sure everything is okay despite this problem. So we will see.

Hubby is outside replacing the shocks on my car, life is good. ­čÖé

He’s back

So, my husband arrived on time and we picked him up at the airport.

Things have been great since he got back, he’s been fixing things around the house.. helping me and now he’s working. We still have lots to do now that he’s a Canadian citizen. Time to get him onto my bank account, set up health care and get all his Canadian┬áidentifications. He has been very happy to┬ábe back also. So things are looking up around here.┬á I am still looking for houses to buy once my inheritance comes in.

We want a house on some acreage, out in the country. Something we can enjoy nature with and our animals can have lots of room to do the same.

Two days ago while my husband was at work, I went to the pool and worked out. It was fun. I think I’m going to do that more often. I’m in okay shape now but I’d like to be in better shape again. My health is alright, although I have to go back to the thyroid specialist for a “follow up” appointment in June. I am hoping he does not tell me I need surgery.┬á I’ve been thinking about a Zumba class.. they look fun. ­čÖé

I sure miss Grandma though. I miss having her to talk to, even if it was just a telephone call.

Hubby and I have been having sooooo much sex, its insane. Its nice to finally not feel like a single married woman anymore.


I went to the interview this afternoon.

As I said it was a panel interview consisting of (possibly) my immediate manager and two people from company’s the board of directors. While it is somewhat nerve racking having three people asking you questions and inundating you with scenario’s, I think I killed it. I felt quite in control of the situation and I had them laughing and feeling comfortable. I am sure I came across quite capable and confident.

So.. I will know by Thursday if I got it or not. I guess it’s fingers crossed that nobody more qualified was interviewed.

Also.. its my 4th wedding anniversary.

Hubby is still not back from Germany yet and I am getting tired of passing milestones that aren’t celebrated because I’m a single married woman. ­čśÉ

Its 3am


Its 3am and I cant sleep.

I get insomnia when I’m stressed out, and tomorrow is a stressful day. I have a job interview at a place I’d really like to work at. Even worse, the higher up the corporate ladder you climb, the more stressful the interviews. This interview is a “panel interview”. So I’ll have to navigate questions from a panel of 3 executives.┬á Therefore I should be sleeping, I need to be alert.┬á Someone tell my brain that?

C’mon brain, give it a rest already.┬á ugh.

That tv show “love”


I’ve been watching this tv show called “love” on Netflix, and I’m baffled. Is the lead female character really the type of person young people find endearing these days?

She’s a classic self entitled, controlling┬ánarcissist… and she’s fucking gross. She looks like she stinks or is some kind of junkie hobo and her character is so promiscuous that in reality she’d have some kind of STD’s.

I find those types of “all about me” people loathsome. I am just baffled that people get warm fuzzies from this show.┬á In every episode I’ve seen this woman just winds people up, then watches them spin.. the whole show is how this woman manipulates every situation and bosses every one around. How is that appealing? I think she’s horrible and her character needs a psychiatrist.

I seriously don’t get it.