Well, its finished.


The immigration process I mean.  Its official, my husband is legally allowed to live and work in Canada. All in, it cost me almost around 8 thousand dollars (and him about 3 thousand) to complete the process.

I am happy now that we will be able to plan trips since he can cross borders. I’ve already been to Vegas but I’d like to take him. I was also thinking Hawaii would be fun.

Oh well I guess we’ll see.

At least nothings off the table anymore.


Low Carb, High Fat

I managed one day on this horrid diet and then I felt sooooo sick. I am not a big meat eater by any means. This “way of eating” did not work for me. I ate a package of bacon in one day and 4 eggs as well as a pork chop and oh my gosh I was so ill.

I would rather eat whole foods like fruit and veggies, than eat all this fatty sickening meat.

Never again. lol



f62d3716a57eb2be81b003f2cd8d7699Last night I had a dream that Raymond Reddington was my Daddy dom. lol. I don’t know what it is about men with a powerful, “strictly business” personality that draws me in, but its like I crave their affection. Maybe that’s why I love my husband, he can be that way also.. but he is far from Dominant. He has no idea of how to be a Dom and I don’t see him that way.

In my dream Raymond Reddington (James Spader, of course) was simply going about his day and I was with him.. there was nothing sexual about the dreams content, except for the feeling of anticipation that at any moment he could call me to sit on his lap or cuddle.

I guess I miss that. I woke up wondering how in the world I am living such a vanilla life when I am sure there is someone out there who could fit this bill. I guess that’s dreams versus reality though.

The Blacklist

Its no secret, I have always been a fan of James Spader. He has mastered a seriously sexy deadpan. Perhaps there’s a slight speech impediment there but it works. I loved “Tuff Turf” in the 80s, he was amazing in “Pretty in pink” and “Secretary” is one of my all time favorite movies..  and so I am enjoying watching “The Blacklist” on Netflix. Its obvious to me that its a father daughter dynamic, but through other eyes, this show can also feel like an Owner/pet dynamic. That’s my favorite.


Either way check it out if you haven’t seen it.


I had originally wanted to give my Canadian rock star ex-boyfriend ten thousand dollars when my inheritance was settled, because he was such a lovely part of my life.. and I am sure he and his wife could use it – who couldn’t – but I have not been able to reach him.

Although we parted on friendly terms, I am sure his wife wouldn’t want him talking to someone who loved her husband enough to have his name tattooed on her hip lol. I get that. Still, it would have been nice to give him this happy moment… more’s the pity.